What my clients are saying!

"When it comes to finding great combinations that work for specific body types, StyleNOOK is it. Nephateria pushed me out my comfort zone in which I was very pleased with the end result. Nephateria has an eye for stuff I wouldn’t usually look at. With that I can say my range of trends has expanded since I’ve started shopping with StyleNOOK”


“When it comes to fashion it is important for me to put my best face forward. Unfortunately I was struggling with knowing the proper cosmetics to help me achieve this. Nephateria was a Godsend. Because of her great expertise my appearance looks flawless and I am now putting my best face forward.” 


“Nephateria has a keen eye for mixing colors and patterns, creating versatility and style, something I wouldn’t normally do. I love the fact that she can find so many unique pieces for less and put them together perfectly! Definitely recommend her as your personal wardrobe shopper and consultant!”


“StyleNOOK provides me with the latest trends in men’s fashion, while ensuring they meet my style preferences. Being a busy professional I don’t always have time to shop for myself, so having their service meets my needs and their expertise matches it with my wants.”